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What is Bowen?

     The Bowen Technique is a deeply relaxing hands-on type of bodywork which is extremely effective for treating pain and spasm. This unique, gentle healing method resets and accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities, facilitating recovery from injury and illness. The Bowen Technique also relieves stress and anxiety and promotes natural detoxification processes in the body.  


     In a Bowen session, the practitioner applies very precise gentle, rolling movements along muscle, connective tissue and nerve bundles in specific sequences. The Bowen Technique is usually received while lying on a comfortable bodywork table in a soothing environment. Bowen can be applied directly on skin, or it can be performed over lightweight, loose clothing.

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Sacramento Bowen Therapy Services Provided:

Bowen Therapeutic Technique


Other Services:

Cellular Detoxification Footbaths

Holistic Nutrition Education & Counseling

Sacramento Bowen Therapy

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